No Cost Vacation Home

When I began to put this idea together. My whole idea was to develop a concept that would allow someone to invest in a vacation property, use the property for personal use and rent their excess weeks to generate income to cover the costs of their original investment.

This is how to do it. For example, the PGA Village property you receive 6 credits. Let's assume you use it for 1 week in prime season and rent the other two weeks. First, this condo rents for about $1,500 or $200/per night during prime season. Again, let's say you use one week for yourself and rent the other two. Also, let's say you only get $1,200wk which is below the going rate. That means you would receive $2,400 in rental income which offsets your investment. Essentially your vacation week is free and you're still building equity.

**Please note you can rent your weeks for whatever, $200 or $2,000 it's up to you.**


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